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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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democrats in the u.s. house. and we've had decisions out of the u.s. supreme court today as well. a split 4-4 vote over a landmark challenge to president obama's executive action on immigration. that means the lower court ruling remains in place and prevents the administration from moving ahead with a program that would have given 4 million people temporary legal status. president obama responded. >> i think it is heartbreaking for the millions of immigrants who made their lives here, who've raised families here, who hoped for the opportunity to work, pay taxes, serve in our military, and more fully contribute to this country we >> just after that, the unprecedented democratic sit-in on the floor of the house came to an end. democrats have been defying house rules and demanding votes on gun control legislation on the steps of the capitol, congressman john lewis addressed supporters.
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>> the fight is not over. this is just one step. but when we come back here on july the 5th, we're going to continue to push, to pull, to stand up, and if necessary, to sit down. [ cheers and applause ] >> house speaker paul ryan clearly not happy with house democrats. he came out earlier today, called the sit-in a publicity. >> instead, they're staging protests. they're trying to get on tv. they are sending out fundraising solicitations like this one. house democrats on the house floor, your contribution will go to the dccc. if this is not a political stunt, then why are they trying to raise money off of this. >> let's get straight to luke russert. he's been covering alcohcapitol
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and this house sit-in. and now we have senate action on the same subject. >> reporter: just recently over in the senate chamber, the susan collins bill, bipartisan bill pertaining to that no fly, no buy idea that had circulated around the u.s. senate on monday this week. this was a bipartisan bill that had backing of people like tim kane, lindsay graham. there is a procedural motion today using a senate rule called a motion to table. what that means for the laypeople out there, essentially, it's a way to kill off legislation. the good news for gun control advocates or those in favor of this bill which was a more narrowly focused look at the no fly no buy is that while it didn't move forward today, it went down 46-52, the fact that it needed 51 votes to stay alive
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essentially, that there are 52 people in favor, 51 above the majority, means that it's still alive. the leadership was not able to get rid of it. so it does show you that there is a little bit of bipartisan support for this. republican senators voting in favor of it, alexander, collins, coates and too my. there are a few democrats who missed. you're still about six votes short. it is still alive in the sense it would be brought back up again. let's segue to the sit-in that happened last night and this morning. nancy pelosi just had a press conference. she said, look, we cannot stop until we get a bill. they believe this is a very strong issue for them. however, the interesting question now is what precedent has been set by what the democrats did on the house floor. i asked speaker ryan about that
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earlier. i believe we have the tape and we can give it a listen. >> i do worry about the precedent here. i'm very worried about the precedent here. i have an obligation to protect this institution. we are the oldest democracy in the world. and so when we see our democracy descend in this way, it is not a good sign, it is not a good precedent. so, yes, i do worry. >> reporter: pelosi left all options on the table for when the house gets back on july 5th to further the gun control issue. obviously civil disobedience is something they could go back and use. remains to be seen what tactic they will use. i can tell you, ryan was not happy about what happened last night and early this morning and it could all come to a head again. >> yeah, and that is the big question isn't it, luke, what do they do come july 5th.
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as you say, the senate bill they just voted on it, may not have the 60 votes that's needed through the procedure to get it forward. >> reporter: true. and remember that anything pertaining to gun control probably has an easier path in the senate because there are those endangered republicans who represent blue and purple states, some even supported this collins measure. what we should keep an eye on, though, i think in the next few weeks is the democrats feel this is very much a winning issue for them. they believe that they really cut through last night. remember, this is a party that in 2010 lost 63 seats. they lost their massive majority. they have really been a weak minority since early 2011. they were able to shed a lot of that last night. so they think this is a winner and they're going to keep pushing it. nancy pelosi also just said that the law, that the speaker controls the camera in the chamber was kind of irrelevant
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because now we have periscope. shows you how much technology has played into this debate. when you go out a few beck kads, you can say it was the periscope political moment. >> there was no prrs periscope when i was covering capitol hill eight years ago. appreciate your eight hours of service now. let me go now to senator kirsten gillibrand of new york state. you just came out of that vote. i know that you support senator collins and what she's trying to do. realistically, do you think after what just happened today, it could move forward when you get back from break? >> well, i think the american people need to be heard on this issue. when you have a majority of the senate coming together on a bipartisan basis to take a step forward on gun reform, that's important. the american people have been asking for gun reform because we have death after death of the
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most innocent children, of people celebrating in a club. all across this country, we see gun death every day and we have to do something about it. >> do you feel like we're in a moment right now? how do you read what's happening today? essenti certainly as a news story, it's been pretty dramatic over the last 24 hours. you were over in the house sit-in for a time last night. are we at some kind of pivotal point? i think we are and i think john l lewis' leadership has been extraordinary. that is what our democracy is about. his leadership matters. allay cross this country, people are saying we want to see common sense gun reform to keep our families safe. >> to those republicans who have called it a stunt, who said this will go nowhere because they believe in the second amendment, you say what? >> our founding fathers stood up to create this government, to write that constitution.
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what john lewis did was an exact effort to be heard, to make sure our democracy works properly. when you have a majority of the u.s. senate passing a bipartisan bill and being stopped because of procedural reasons, it's outrageous. this is democracy in action. this is what our nation was founded on. this is what the founding fathers intended. what they did on the house floor was inspiring and important. >> senator, i want to switch subjects with you. we've been reporting this week, a special series of reports on msnbc and "nightly news" about prescription painkillers and the epidemic in this country. yesterday, i spoke with the surgeon general. he's writing a letter to all prescribers and he wants to encourage doctors to stop overprescribing. is that the right way to handle this? is that enough? >> it's really important first step, i got to tell you. i've met so many parents in new
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york state whose children the first time they had an opioid was a prescription medication for acute pain, a pilled muscle, a broken bone. these teenagers, they get addicted and their lives end too early with an overdose or a heroin overdose. it's horrible that 51 million people are dying in america today because of an opioid overdose. it has to stop. i think a common sense reform is to say to all these doctors, we need more guidance for them on how to prescribe opioids, how addictive are they. when someone gets a wisdom tooth out, that might be treatable with extra trent tylenol. these parents who have lost their children because it started with a pulled tooth or a broken bone, it's heart-wrenching. >> how do you compel doctors to heed those guidelines?
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>> what i'm asking is the cdc to issue guidelines specifically for acute pain. to say when it is a broken bone or a pulled muscle, only prescribe a small amount of medication. they may only need medication for a day or two. they might be able to address the pain with extra strength tylenol. to give them those guidelines and specifically about who's more likely to be addicted. statistics show that if you are given opioids as a high school student, you 33% more likely to be addicted afterwards. that needs to be known by parents and doctors. >> can i ask you before i let you go, such a big news day today. we had this decision out of the u.s. supreme court. a split decision on immigration. praim's executive action. i would imagine you agree with the president when he said that this was -- that this will not stop him from doing what he's done so far, but that he's disappointed. >> it's incredibly
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disappointing. it shows so clearly why we need to be able to vote on the president's supreme court nominee to have a 4-4 split decision, not allowing a proper review by the supreme court and leaving a lower court case as it is. it's horrible. we need comprehensive immigration reform. we have to have a solution for so many families in this country. but it's one of the problems of washington. one of the problems of congress that nothing gets done. that these bipartisan efforts cannot seem to get done and that this congress will not do its job, the senate will not do its job and allow for a vote on the president's nominee. >> thanks so much for being with us. appreciate it. president obama now working to reassure millions of people that they should not fear immediate deportation after that supreme court tied vote that we just talked about which virtually kills his executive order. more on that ruling and what it means to people coming up next.
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let's turn back to the supreme court rulings today where the justices deadlocked 4-4 on the obama administration's plan to shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation. pete williams is live outside the supreme court. pete, let's start with that one. what does it mean for the millions of people out there affected by this? >> reporter: it means that there's no real change here. however, it does mean that the obama administration will continue with the enforcement part of this, of who gets deported, which means that they're low priority. this is roughly 4 million adults whose children are here legally. and the president's policy would have allowed the adults to stay here too. it would have deferred removal
12:16 pm
of them for three years. the key here is it would have allowed them to get work permits. the department of homeland security reinforced that today they're not going to move to deport anybody here illegally as long as they don't commit crimes, but the key thing is they cannot get work permits. enforcement of the program remains blocked. >> pete, the other big decision this afternoon also out of texas. this one about affirmative action. walk us through that one. >> reporter: there could be no tie in this case. while the court is eight justices now, elena kagan had taken herself off of this case. that left the court at seven justices. today, by 4-3, they upheld the affirmative action program at the university of texas at austin. this decision was written by anthony kennedy. while in the past he has said that affirmative action is a
12:17 pm
theoretical matter, might be a good idea, he has never found a program that he liked until today. so he wrote the opinion upholding the affirmative action program there. it's certainly a huge victory for the university of texas. a big blow for the legal forces that tried to get the supreme court to strike down affirmative action for once and for all. that is clearly not going to happen. and it's a -- it's a plus for affirmative action in other programs, in other universities. even though the decision is keyed to the university of texas, which is kind of unusual because they admit the top 10% of every high school graduating class which gives them some diversity, it has some positive things to say about the educational benefits of having diversity in universities. >> and pete, i can't let you go without talking about the third and final case that didn't get decided today, but we're still waiting on that. >> reporter: actually, there's three cases left, but the big one, you're right.
12:18 pm
it's also a texas case. it's a challenge to texas' restriction on abortion critics. and that clinics have to be built to the same architectural standards as walk-in surgery clinics. since this law was enacted, the number of clinics opened in texas has dropped from about 40 down to about a dozen or so, and more of them would close opponents of the law say if it's upheld. we'll wait for that on monday. also, the court will decide of what's to become of former virginia governor bob mccdonnel. >> pete williams, so glad to have you outside the supreme court. thanks so much. >> reporter: you bet. and those two major cases decided today, they came down in very different ways. i'm walking over to airi. i guess you want to start with affirmative action. >> pete just walked through the
12:19 pm
substance of what those decisions mean as rulings. let's look at the justices and see what they did as pete was mentioning in affirmative action, you have justice kennedy writing the majority joined by three democratic appointees. in decent, you have republican appointees. take a look at the big decision all day, immigration, 4-4. the president weighing in on it. let's look at what we have there. very little information. >> lot of black heads. >> this is all we know about what the supreme court did today. we know they deadlocked, we won't know who unless they say so. >> can we glean from arguments, what they said? and what if scalia were still with us? >> scalia was very skeptical in these arguments and the idea that the president could step up and act because he didn't like the congress failed to act. anyone who follows the court, be
12:20 pm
careful if you read too much into questions in oral argument. these are smart judges. they pose questions to be difficult. the president is onto something whether people think merrick garland should be on the court, the president is onto something when he points out when we're stuck in 4-4, it is not the normal course. we don't know who is for it. lower courts don't know what to do with it. and we may never know until of course we get a ninth justice and go back to a normal court. it is an interesting unknown part of what we say today. >> thanks so much. let's go back to capitol hill now. as we've been saying, the last 26 hours, we've seen a whole lot out of the u.s. house and democrats sitting in. we've also seen a lot of congressman joe crowley. that's him in the back there. and then singing "we shall
12:21 pm
overcome" on the steps of the capitol just a few hours ago. good to see you again, sir. >> hi, kate, how are you? >> did you sleep at all last night? >> i think i had about ten minutes. and it didn't do me any good. >> can you give us a sense what it felt like to be in the chamber. we saw a little bit of it on periscope, but what did it feel like? >> to be with john lewis anywhere is a treat. to know he's a colleague of yours and see him in action in a sit-in, felt a awful like the '60s to me. i didn't live that, but that's what it felt like. it was a wonderful feeling. >> we heard paul ryan say this was nothing more than a publicity stunt. he says the bills that you're calling for were voted down in committee in the house. he says the house is a place where democracy works out in a deliberate and respectful way. doesn't he have a point? >> i think the only stunt i saw
12:22 pm
and the gimmick i saw is at 4:00 in the morning when paul ryan and his cohorts called for an adjournment in the house of representatives. we're supposed to be in the house today, kate, and tomorrow doing the people's business, but we're not because they scurried away back to their districts. they're afraid to talk about the issues the american people want to talk about. that is how to bring an end to the slaughter happening in this country, whether it's a nightclub or in a kindergarten first grade class in connecticut. >> i'm sure you just heard what happened over in the senate. they voted procedurally to keep going with a bill from senator collins. they said you will go back at this on july 5th. what's your understanding of what you can do in the minority to try to force anything when you get back from break? >> i congratulate my colleagues on the senate side.
12:23 pm
they're doing what they have to do. they have at least had up and down votes. we haven't had them in the house. that's what we're asking for. regardless of the outcome, we want an up or down vote. our constituents want to know where we stand on these issues. listen, we have a number of arrows in our quiver. >> will you sit-in again? >> it's an arrow in the quiver. on this issue, the house is not going to act the way it has in the past. we're going to use whatever we can to get these bills on the floor for an up or down vote. >> meaning you may, you may do it again? >> listen, we'll do what we have to do to bring a focus and attention to the american people on what's not happening in the house of representatives when it comes to the issue of gun violence. we have two proposals. one that would say no fly, no buy. overwhelming majority of republicans believe in that. we also believe we have to give our law enforcement more tools,
12:24 pm
more time to do background checks on criminals, on terrorists, on those who are mentally unstable who cannot have a gun or use a gun. they should give law enforcement the tools they need. >> congressman joe crowley, nice to have you with us. you and i go way back. we'll have you back again when you come back from recess. >> love to do it. thank you. donald trump could soon go rogue again. hinting that he may reveal his cabinet members before we even vote in november. as you can imagine, the guessing game a on as the primitive gop nominee takes a break from the 2016 trail heading overseas.
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12:28 pm
convention in cleveland. >> i would be inclined. i would think it's no -- i would think it's no great shakes. i would be inclined to do a lot of it early. >> nbc's katy tur is over in scotland where donald trump is expected to touchdown tomorrow morning on a short trip. we just heard from trump on the supreme court's immigration decision as well. >> reporter: forgive me. i'm fighting with the wind a little bit here when it comes to my hair. i hope it's not too distracting. he did come out and talk about the supreme court decision on immigration, praising it. also saying it will decide whether or not we have a border and hence a country. clinton has pledged to expand obama's executive amnesty. donald trump is trying to frame this decision the way that the gop is generally trying to frame this decision by making it about the supreme court justices and the next president who is able
12:29 pm
to decide. he has already proposed 11 supreme court justices, conservatives meant to appease gop concerns. now he's talking about maybe releasing a list of people he would appoint to cabinet positions. that also something that could potentially appease gop concerns for his candidacy right now. >> katy tur, and we don't mind the wind at all. it looks absolutely gorgeous where you are. yeah, there you go. thanks. you know what, did we lose her already. >> reporter: yeah? >> give us the brief on scotland. what is he doing there? >> reporter: so he's going to be flying -- leaving new york city tonight, getting here early tomorrow morning. he's getting a lot of flak from this right now from the gop party, from donors. from people who say this is not appropriate for a presidential candidate. especially one in the position
12:30 pm
he is in right now. he's down in fundraising. he's facing a weary gop. he's had a rocky past on the campaign trail. he's not been campaigning too much in states that could go red, states that he doesn't really have staff in at the moment. there's a lot of folks out there that are saying you shouldn't be coming over to scotland, not to campaign, not to meet with foreign leaders, but instead to go to one of your golf courses for a ribbon cutting. it's making many wonder what exactly this campaign has been about for him. this -- saturday we go to the second golf course who are in scotland. it will be the tenth property he has taken reporters and their cameras too leading gop operatives to be very weary of the mote vagivations of such a vermont senator bernie
12:31 pm
sanders who for now remains in the democratic primary race will join the "morning joe" team tomorrow discussing his campaign and the overall 2016 race. that starts at 6:00 a.m. eastern right here on msnbc. while we wait for the republican and democratic conventions next month, there's absolutely no question about who will be your third choice on november's ballot. the libertarian party already has its candidates well in place. former new mexico governor gary johnson joins me to discuss his campaign and the potential political impact up next. now you can. when you lease the 2016 es 350 for $329 a month for 36 months. see your lexus dealer. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? our new cocktail bitters were doing well, but after one tradeshow, we took off. all i could think about was our deadlines racing towards us.
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12:35 pm
governor, nice to see you again. >> kate, great to see you. >> you are a libertarian, sir. you said that you don't believe in lays that try to control guns. you said in the past that you're a second amendment fan. given what's happening today, i thought i would start there and ask you your view of what's happening. there's all this talk of a no fly no buy provision. do you think that should happen? >> well, the no fly no buy list right now is subject to really pretty big error rate. if this legislation actually speeds up that process or implements a way to appeal this in a real efficient way, i mean, certainly you'd look at that kind of legislation. we want to keep hands out of the mentally ill. we want guns out of the hands of potential terrorists. >> when you began your campaign, you said, quote, my voice has not been heard, and speaking with broad brush stroke, someone
12:36 pm
who is fiscally conservative and socially liberal. you and i have known each other for a long time. i covered you in new mexico when you were a governor in local news. for those of you see your candidacy as a vote that won't go anywhere, you say what? >> kate, the idea here is to actually win. the only chance of winning is to actually be in the presidential debates. to be in the presidential debates, you've got to be in the polls. we're appearing in a few polls. but for the most part, polls get issued and they have two names, clinton and trump. sometimes they'll interject a third name and it will be mine and i'm showing pretty well under that scenario. how about three names? >> and you want to be in those televised debates? >> well, that's the only way you have an opportunity to actually win. i'm not saying i would end up winning if that were the case.
12:37 pm
but the eventual winner will have to pay more than just lib service because statistically i'd be representing 25 million voters. >> your vice presidential candidate last night at a town hall seemed to praise her. let me play that sound and then we'll talk. >> i think mrs. clinton, no matter what you might think of various economic policies, is very well qualified to be president of the united states. i would not say the same of mr. trump, with all respect. >> governor, do you think that hillary clinton is very well qualified to be president of the united states? would you vote for her? >> well, no, there would always be a libertarian option. in this case, it happens to be me. no, i think hillary clinton's going to grow government. i think taxes will go up under hillary clinton. and i think hillary's been the architect of our foreign policy that made things less safe in the world than more safe.
12:38 pm
>> how do you compete financially in the coming months? you just talked about the visibility in the debates. how do you raise the kind of money you're going to need? >> this interview right now could spark just millions of dollars on the internet. so i'm hoping that that's the case. but you're right, kate, we have to generate money, we have to show money. and right now, there's a lot of earned media opportunity. there is social media. and we're playing that to the hilt. i think it speaks volumes that we're at the level that we're at given the amount of resources that we do have. we're making the most out of those resources. >> governor gary johnson, good to see you again, sir, thank you. >> great seeing you, thank you. tonight, lester holt sits down with donald trump before his trip to scotland. you can check your local listings and catch that interview. happening right now across the pond, to quote the clash, should they stay or should they go? voters across the united kingdom
12:39 pm
casting their ballots on whether to leave the european union and the outcome could have major impact abroad and here at home.
12:40 pm
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try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. england's vote on membership in the eu today could impact markets worldwide. olivia sterns joins me now from wall street with more on that. >> reporter: hey, there, kate. as you know, the brexit really has been the number one thing driving markets now for weeks. actually, today, we are seeing a little bit of rally on wall street because the latest polls do actually show a little bit more support for the remain vote. right now, we're about 20 minutes away from the close and the dow is up about 168 points right now. that said, it is extremely close. what happens if britain does vote to leave? we are expecting to so a large global selloff. because what happens in europe, global markets are so interconnected, it will trigger
12:43 pm
a selloff in u.s. equities as well. anybody who does have a 401(k) has exposure to equity. if britain decides to leave the european union, they could wake up and see several thousand dollars wiped off their 401(k)s. interest rates would stay lower for longer because it would usher in this period of uncertainty. and the last thing the central bank wants to do is raise interest rates amid instability. for anybody looking to travel to europe, especially britain, we're likely to see the pound suddenly plunge against the dollar. suddenly, i guess a summer vacation to big ben would get more reasonable. >> that might be the one silver lining. we hope to have results later tonight or tomorrow morning. the vote is rattling nerves in one of britain's outer territories. if the uk decides to leave the
12:44 pm
eu, it could reignite a centuries' old fight for britain and spain for control of gibraltar. it has been under british control since 1704 despite spain's multiple attempts to get it back. some 30,000 residents are worried today that a break from the eu could put their lives, economy, and national identities up in the air. spain has repeatedly said it is ready to act fast if the uk decides to break away from the eu.
12:45 pm
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some sad news today in the search for a missing florida family lost at sea. a second body was recovered today by the u.s. coast guard as that search continues for the other family members now missing since sunday. gabe gutierrez is in florida following the story for us. gabe? >> reporter: good afternoon. yes, news of that second body just found late this morning.
12:48 pm
now, this came after disappointing news yesterday that the first body was found. the coast guard still has not identified any of them, but family members does tell nbc news that the body found yesterday was that of 17-year-old rebecca kimberly. this has been an incredibly sad story here as the coast guard has been searching for this family for several days now. they first disappeared on sunday. the brother of ace kimberly making the trip from sarasota down to ft. myers, going down there with his three teenage children. he called his brother frantically saying that he was in trouble. the brother reported them missing on tuesday when they did not show up. now, this morning, overnight, there had been some encouraging signs. the coast guard had said they
12:49 pm
noticed what appeared to be a flare, brief, three seconds. they found a bucket filled with birth certificates and a gps device. but again, the news right now just a short time ago, the coast guard announcing a second body has been found and the search still continues to search for the remaining family members. also, kate, a sea mast was found about 100 miles off the coast of ft. myers. back to you. >> thank you so much. >> they lasted nearly 26 hours. we're talking about congressional democrats again who occupied the house floor. social media making it possible for all of us to watch it live. republicans obviously control the tv feed that broadcasts from capitol hill because they're in charge of the house. when that went black, you probably noticed congressman turned on and women turned on their phones to make themselves heard. and the twitterverse responded. i've walked over to cal perry
12:50 pm
because you've been following this. i love this part of this story. >> i love that cspan now become a national network after going dark. it took them going dark for us to talk about cspan. it's a a really interesting sor of look at how this went. 10:57 a.m., john lewis, a man who knows a lot about sit-ins and the civil rights movement, this was the first sign something was going down down. we have from connecticut, chris murphy, representative about 12:28 p.m. puts this out. this was the first image we saw of people actually sitting on the house floor. historic moment. has never happened before. guess who throws their weight behind it? bill clinton, just a few minutes later, 12:36, quote, this is leadership. that's when things really started picking up online. as mentioned, c-span then tweets out we have no control over the house tv cameras.
12:51 pm
here are the ways you can get the signal. c-span now directing people towards periscope, which responds a few seconds later with their own tweet, letting people know here are all the places that you can see the video. elizabeth warren, 8:28 p.m., brings in the dunkin' donuts which leads me to my favorite moment of the night. here's elizabeth warren not knowing what periscope is. take a look. >> i don't understand. >> wave to america. >> hi, america. >> elizabeth warren saying hi, america through a cell phone last night on national tv. this was really the first seminal moment in american politics where we saw leadership leaning on social media to carry the message. >> luke mentioned earlier in the hour that maybe it sort of changes things up there. it's been decades and decades of you don't get to see what's happening if they're not in
12:52 pm
session. >> maybe the technology has finally leapt over the old tv cameras and we are all in trouble. who knows. >> cal perry, thanks for breaking it down for us. in baltimore the verdict is in. a second acquittal in the death of freddie gray. more on the jury's decision, what it could mean for the other officers facing trial in connection with the 25-year-old's death. when you've been making delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about people's tastes. honey, what do you want for dinner tonight? oh whatever you're making.
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using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. it's time to turn things around. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. as we mentioned earlier, my colleague lester holt sat down with donald trump for a wide-ranging discussion this afternoon, including hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. here's a clip, part of what the presumptive gop nominee had to say. >> you claim that her e-mail, personal e-mail server had been hacked probably by foreign governments, suggesting that -- >> you don't know that it hasn't been. >> suggesting that she would be compromised as president. what evidence do you have? >> first of all, she shouldn't have had a personal server, okay? she shouldn't have had it. it's illegal.
12:56 pm
what she did is illegal. she might not be judged that way bus we have a rigged system. what she did was illegal. she shouldn't have had a personal server. >> is there any evidence it was hacked -- >> i think i read that and heard it -- >> where? >> somebody also gave me that information. i will report back to you. >> much more in that interview with lester holt. catch that with donald trump tonight on "nbc nightly news" on your local nbc station. for the second time in a row, an officer has been acquitted in connection with the death of freddie gray in baltimore. a judge found baltimore police officer caesar goodson not guilty on all seven charges he faced today. goodson was driving the fan that gray was in after his arrest, when his neck was broken. he faced the most serious charges of all six officers involved in gray's arrest. tremaine, talk about today's verdicts or today's decisions and what it means in that city. >> reporter: i will tell you
12:57 pm
what, just behind me in this courthouse in front of a packed courtroom, judge barry williams said the state had not provided sufficient evidence to uphold the charges against officer goodson which included depraved murder. they said essentially the state told the entire world that freddie gray died as a result of a so-called rough ride when he was handcuffed and placed into the back of that police van. he said they had not given one shred of evidence. this trial as you mentioned was the most seriously prosecuted of all the three so far, with the murder charge, and now an entire community including gray's family and a network of activists and organizers wonder what's next. if they couldn't get a conviction in this case, the murder charge, what's at play for the next three. i spent some time talking to folks outside of the courthouse, including local activists and also the head of the national naacp. let's take a listen to what they
12:58 pm
had to say. >> this is a tragedy that punctuates a long series of tragedies in the city of baltimore. there is nothing in this verdict to celebrate. there is nothing in this verdict that represents some kind of exoneration if you will of the police department. in this case in particular, seven counts, not guilty. what's your response to that? >> it's a smack in the face. right now i'm not even hopeful that the other officers even though their trials are separate, i have no faith that nothing good is going to happen. i feel like everybody's going to walk now. >> reporter: when you talk to folks on the ground while at once it's a gut punch, it wasn't really a surprise to many. cornel brooks, the naacp president, said while the state hadn't met the legal burden, clearly there are rules and regulations internally within the police department that should be changed. he said a healthy young black man entered that van alive and
12:59 pm
soon died thereafter. so a whole community is kind of still on edge. we don't see the anger at all or the protests or the fiery rhetoric, but after the verdict was read, there was some concern. again, like a gut punch. some folks hoisted signs in the air. some are looking for justice beyond a conviction. they want a change to the system that led to freddie gray's death in the first place. so when you talk to folks, they are not angry, they are hurt. kate? >> a busy thursday afternoon down in baltimore. thanks so much. that's going to do it for me this hour. i'm kate snow at msnbc world headquarters in new york. my colleague steve kornacki picks it up from here. continuing msnbc coverage this hour, i'm steve kornacki. we are 138 days now until the election. topping the agenda right now, deadlock at the supreme court. a 4-4 tie essentially killing president obama's executive actions on immigration and
1:00 pm
raising the stakes for november. >> republicans in congress currently are willfully event pr preventing the supreme court from being staffed and functioning like our founders intended. >> that tie is a result of the standoff between the president and republicans over when to fill the seat of the late antonin scalia. republicans refusing to consider obama's nominee, saying it will be the next president's job. today a clear illustration of just how crucial that empty seat is. sgl the sit-out is over. only for now. >> when we come back here on july 5th, we are going to continue to push, to pull, to stand up and if necessary, to sit down once again. >> the sit-in, i should have said.


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